Super Munch Time Lite

Super Munch Time is an exciting and original game that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. Have fun controlling the Dinosaur as he rampages through a variety of amazing lands in this “Lite” version of the game. Eating wave after wave of delicious delights, you must try to get the highest score while avoiding unsavoury poisons. A fun game for all ages that will have you craving for just one more bite!


No virtual joystick or buttons! You only need one finger to control your dinosaur as he eats and eats.

Every stage has a unique and colorful background with a combination of 2D and 3D graphics.

Free to Try
Have fun playing 3 of the 25 stages available in the full version.

With an insatiable appetite, our hero dinosaur is on the prowl to eat anything he can. And with over 85 different tasty treats in the full version, he has his work cut out for him.


✔ Unique game play
✔ Simple touch controls, even adults can play it
✔ Colorful cartoon graphics with Retina display support
✔ 3 of the full 20 stages to unlock
✔ Plus 5 more special hidden levels to find (Full version only)
✔ Each stage has increased difficulty
✔ Replay levels to beat your high score
✔ Over 85 different characters (Full version only)
✔ High quality animation
✔ Original music tracks
✔ Easy to pick up, tough to master


Swiping vertically anywhere along the screen with either left or right hand, you control the dinosaur’s head movement to catch the waves of tasty treats. Lookout, not everything in Super Munch Time is good to eat!

Try to build up your multiplier as high as you can.
Master each stage to obtain a three star rating,
and get ready for the end of level mayhem!


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