Super Marble Roll

“a killer iPhone tilt control game” – iPhone Footprint
“an addicting challenge which hasn’t been seen on the iPhone since Super Monkey Ball” – iPhoneAppReviewer
“I have spent a little time playing Super Marble Roll and find the controls and implementation of the accelerometer to be phenomenal” – The iPhone Blog
“Flawless stability and control” – iPhoneAppReviewer
“It looks good, sounds good, and the animation of the ball rolling is extremely smooth which is one reason the controls feel so natural!” – WhenWillApple
“Definitely something I’ll keep on my iPod” – iPhoneAppReviewer
“control of the marble is the best I’ve seen in any ball rolling game I’ve played” – bluecanary81
“The controls are butter smooth and the fps is perfect.” – llofte
“Must have for any marble gamer.” – Marble blasted

Do you like a challenge?

Use tilt controls to guide your marble through a variety of devious courses. Negotiate platforms, collect jewels and avoid deadly drops whilst battling the clock in an exciting race to the finish.

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