Super iBot

Super iBot is a precision jumping platform game. Collect all the Stars and escape thru the Portal to advance to the next level. Level completion times in “Expert Mode” are posted to Game Center so players can see how they rank.

Super iBot has 21 levels that can be played in “Easy”, “Intermediate”, or “Expert” modes. Smooth responsive controls enable the precision running and jumping sequences that you must make to work your way thru the levels that become quite tricky as you advance thru the game.

Super iBot has a built in cheat, each level has a Beta/Spoiler YouTube video linked to it that you can open and view at anytime during game play if you can’t figure out how to get thru a level on your own. Obviously a connection to the internet is required to view the videos.

Clear the “Atomic Charges” in your way by firing “Electro Orbs” from the iBot. Touch the iBot and drag back to launch the “Orbs”. Avoid the “Fireballs” and don’t plunge into the “Hot Lava” as you move through each level, launching off the “Springs” when needed, to collect all the “Stars” and your time could be #1 on the Game Center Leaderboards!

*** Super iBot Bonus Feature ***

Design and build your own Super iBot Levels!

That’s right, design your own custom levels to challenge yourself and your friends. Create levels that are super easy or super difficult, it’s up to you and your imagination.

Super iBot includes a user friendly “Drag and Drop” iBot Level Editor that enables you to create and save your own Super iBot Worlds to your device. There are 3 iBot Worlds, each with 5 Levels, that can be custom designed in the iBot Level Editor which provide unlimited extended gameplay value to the game.

Simply choose a level to create in the iBot Level Editor. When a new level loads, it will only contain the iBot and the exit Portal which can be dragged to any location the player chooses. Enable the “Editor Mode” by selecting the “Editor Icon” (Blue Pencil) which is located in the “Game Toolbar” on the right.

This opens the “Editing Toolbar” where you can “touch” and “drag” any of the objects into the level and place them where ever you’d like. The “Editing Toolbar” has all the objects that are used in the pre-built Super iBot levels. iBlocks, Platforms, Springs, Fireballs, Stars and Atomic Charges are all there, the Hot Lava ground can also be enabled.

If you want to “remove” an object from the level, just drag it back to the “Editing Toolbar” on the right.

In “Editor Mode”, the “Left” and “Right” run buttons change into “Up” and “Down” scrolling buttons so you can quickly scroll to the area of the level you are developing.

To “Clear” or “Delete” a level to start designing over, just tap the “Trash Icon” (Blue Trash Can at top) and “OK” the alert pop-up. The level will now have only the iBot and Portal in it.

When you are ready to play/test the level, save the changes by tapping the “Save Icon” (Blue Floppy Disc at the top) and then tap the “Lock Level Icon” (Blue Open Lock at the top) to switch back to “Game Mode” and start playing the level you just created! Creating your own levels is that easy!

In “Game Mode”, you can reposition your “Left”, “Right” and “Up” controller buttons by selecting the “Settings” icon located above the “YouTube” icon for maximum touch control.

Super iBot lets you play your music library in the background, so grab your headphones and plug in as you try to “beat the game” or work your way thru the levels you just built!

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