Super Girls Candy Clash Temple Dash

Ever have flying dreams? What girl (or boy) wouldn’t love to fly about in their candy colored uniforms? Yes, now you can too – in this game you’re a flying teenage girl! Cool!

Betcha didn’t know that it’s easy to fly too – just tap the screen to fly up – the longer you touch the screen the higher your character will fly.

But you can still be blown up! So avoid the explosives as you fly your way through this fun, exciting and unique game! And the longer you play – the faster this game will get. So keep that in mind as more things start flying your way.

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll uncover in this Super Girls game:

– Easy to use tap controls
– 3 different characters to unlock
– Super fast and exciting gameplay
– Avoid the explosives – TNT, hand grenades and more
– Collect rings, gems and hearts for more points

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