Super Five Dice

Super 5 Dice is like Yahtzee, Poker Dice etc. It is a Dice game played with 5 dice and you try to get the highest score.

But also you can just play on your own and try to get a high score, as well as other leaderboard rankings and achievements.

Super5Dice is multiplayer enabled using Game Center, you can play with one other person, a friend or anyone else with the game installed using the random player option in Game Center.

You get full throw by throw and hold by hold history for all the games you play so you can check anything you forgot. Also other player turns in multiplayer mode are sent to you so you can keep up with the excitement of the game as it happens. (Currently at the end of their turn but will increase speed shortly)

Check the screen pics to see how the dice history appears.

Multiple Super 5’s (5 of a kind) give you bonus scores of 100 points and a wild card option for the lower section of the score sheet.

Try and get over a thousand points it is theoretically possible, the challenge has been set.

Checkout my Twitter and Facebook for all the development history and planned work.

Use the Contact Me in the app to chat about anything in the game including if you want to help develop the next version.
Get my Game Center ID and challenge me to a game, i will play anyone who sends a request.

Twitter: @super5dice

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