Super Fashion Puzzle

Super Fashion Puzzle. The puzzle game where pieces are accessories from various girls.

Pair off the accessories belonging to each girl to earn points and extra time. You can also use the joker (a heart).

When you‘ve matched several pairs, the board will regenerate and, after a few regenerations, a new girl will appear.

Be careful when matching pairs! if a pair does not belong to the current girl, you will be penalized in time.

Hurry up! Time flies!

When you finish playing, upload your score to Facebook and the Internet. Check if you are good enough to be in the global ranking!

– 10 girls with different styles.
– 50 different pieces (5 for every girl) plus a wildcard.
– Local Scoring System.
– Global Scoring System.
– Flip the board for left-handed.

-Works on any iPhone and iPod, from the oldest to the newest.
-Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
-The Global Scoring System requires a Facebook account and an Internet connection.

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