Super Durak

In Soviet Russia cards play YOU!

Durak is a famous Russian card game. The goal of the game is to get rid of your cards before your opponents. There’s an element of luck, a good bit of strategy and a ton of fun to be had.

Play against the computer or your friends, online, via Bluetooth, or on the same device by passing it back and forth in the Pass & Play mode.

► Beautiful cards, sweet graphics
► Awesome sounds effects
► Fast paced, explosive action

► Online Multiplayer – play against other players online
► GameCenter Multiplayer – play with GameCenter friends or other matched players
► Bluetooth Multiplayer – two players on two devices
► Pass & Play – two player game on the same device
► Push Notifications – be notified when Internet games are created
► Game Stats – keeps tracks of wins, losses, 1st place and more

► How to Play – tutorial playthrough mode for beginners
► 20, 36 or 52 card deck, option to turn off transfers
► Special Super Mode with 4 special Supercards!
► English and Russian languages
► Chat and play at the same time
► Adjust game settings while in-game
► Smart hints – show which cards can be used in current situation
► Drag cards or tap and select – two ways to interact with cards

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