Super Deluxe Mah-Jong HD





Yeah! I won! It’s my lucky day.
Sweet girl joins the game. Her voice will melt your heart.

* Revamped voiceovers!
Sweet girls, old folks, foreign workers, housewives, and Taiwan aborigine people.
* Upgraded table
Different tablecloths for different scoring units (‘tai’).
You know which ‘tai’ you are now playing on.
Please take a seat, my boss!
* Improvement
Your joy of victory is boosted by the wailing of the other computer opponents.
* Improved situation hints to give you an idea what is happening in the game.
So you know better why you can’t score in certain situations.
One-touch menu operation allows you to go through the game faster.

[Game features]
* Authentic Taiwanese 16 tile Mah-Jong
* Dozens of native voiceovers to enhance the excitement
* Quick-paced smooth running game rhythm
* Hi-resolution graphic exlusively designed for iPad
* Awesome special effects when you draw the winning tile
* Infused with classical Chinese characteristics

The thrilling sound effects and voiceovers awarded for going mahjong boost the fun and excitement of the game. You are feeling like playing in the real world and with live persons.



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