Super Brain: Learn Colors Free

A unique way for toddlers to learn colors and develop eye-hand coordination at the same time! Easy controls and no penalties makes this game easy and fun to play.

A friendly voice speaks the color at the same time the word of the color is displayed. The color is spelt in English, with the word in the appropriate color.

1. Tilt the iPhone, and watch the ball move across the surface.
2. Push the ball with your finger. Touch the ball, and it sticks to your child’s finger. Then they can virtually throw the ball where they want.

1. The game speaks the name of a color and text spells the same color.
2. Roll or flick the ball into the wall that matches the color.
3. When the correct wall is touched by the ball, the color will change.
4. When time runs out, you will advance to the next level.
5. Points are scored when the marble hits the right wall.

The Free version features one song and one level. Upgrading to the full version includes 10 songs written and produced by Upgrading provides access to all 5 playing levels with increased color choices and playability.

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