Super Action Hero

The ALL-NEW super powerful action game with crazy unique cartoonish characters: Super Action Hero!

PLEASE NOTE: This is the FREE version. If you’d like to play with no ads and extra goodies, please search for Super Action Hero Plus. There are no ads in “Super Action Hero PLUS”, and you receive 2500 stars, 2500 coins, 1 original mask and 1 weapon!

Super powerful action with cartoony characters! Super Action Hero is a collection of action-adventure mini games. Become a hero, battle against mysterious forces of evil in order to protect the universe, work with allies and use gears to overthrow malicious creatures!

Awesome Battles!
–Various attack patterns all with fancy effects. Awesome action with fatal blows and great graphics!

Ally System: your hero is no longer alone!
–You have a total of 4 (maximum 6) allies and each has unique characteristics, so use them for better strategies!

Over 100 missions in this massive game!
–There are 15 planets in total, 12 types of main missions, 16 types of sub missions and a total number of 101 missions!

Become stronger!
— Your Hero can become stronger, as well as equip masks and weapons! Use different techniques to become invincible.

Create your own gear in the Gear Editor!
–You can use gears you create in-game or share them with other users!

* Game in English! *
We also support Korean, Deutsch, français, 日本語, 中文简体, and 中文繁體. Meet heroes who travel all over the globe!

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