** 148APPS – 4.5/5 – Editor’s choice **
** TOUCHARCADE – 4/5 **
** POCKETGAMER.FR – 9.2/10 – Golden Medal **

** 148APPS – “ The gorgeous graphics, up-beat music and impressive level design combined with the hardcore game play create one of the best platformers I’ve played this year ” **

** TOUCHARCADE – “ It’s the whole package: fantastic level design, gorgeous environments, great music. The more hardcore side of things is a bonus, but it’s not the only thing Sunshine has to offer. ” **

** THEAPPSHACK – “ It’s one of the best titles within the Gravity-Centric Platform genre ” **

** APPTUDES – “ A devastatingly challenging arcade game. A maddening, fast-paced iOS experience ” **

Prepare yourself for the greatest, hottest, hardest and most epic adventure ever seen on the App Store.


Reality is in danger, the Black Holes have taken direct control of the Suns and are shining Nothingness all over the Multiverse. The Photons need a true hero to bring back life and happyness in all the Systems.

That hero is YOU!

Take control of a simple photon and, with the help of a Veteran and the Powers of the Neutrins, jump your way through the Multiverse and become the Sunshine.

Can you Shine enough?


– 12 different environments in 3 chapters

– 60 levels to play at the speed of light

– Endless Hardcore Levels

– Epic Boss Fights

– A fast and intense experience

– Tons of Dangers

– Perform insane Jumping Tricks

– Get SUPER with the Powers of the Neutrins

– Die everywhere

– A mind-blowing original soundtrack

– 19 Epic Achievements

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