Sunny Seeds Lite

★★★★★ Top #1 in AppStores ★★★★★
Amazing, relaxing number-puzzle game ‘Sunny Seeds’ (for iPhone & iPad).
Looks simple? Just try it! Forget about everything for a few hours!

GOAL: clear the field from all numbers.

– Rotate iPhone/iPad to change location of numbers to form new pairs.
– Shake iPhone/iPad to shuffle the numbers

2 gameplay modes:
– classic mode
– advanced mode (allow move numbers, rotate field and use shake)

Game rules are easy:
1. Find pairs of identical numbers or with sum equal to 10 and they will disappear
2. The numbers should be placed on the same level either horizontally or vertically
3. Move numbers left or right directions through the empty cells
4. If no more pairs found – just add new pack of numbers!

Additional features:
– Undo any number of times
– Allow pause in the game
– Hint exists pairs of numbers
– Share scores and time results to Game Center
– Share result with your friends in Facebook

Just sit, relax and clear the entire field of numbers!
Be the first!
Do it now!

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