Sundae Maker

FREE for a limited time. Download NOW!

Make your perfect sundae by picking items from our huge selection of ice cream flavors, delicious syrups, toppings, bowls, and other goodies!

Choose a cone, a saucer, a bowl, a coconut shell or other container and fill it in with the delicious dessert!

• Choose your favorite flavors and colors among the endless variety of ice cream bowls and cones!
• Cover your sundae with yummy syrups, sprinkles, and melted marshmallows!
• Even the finest creamery doesn’t have as many toppings as Sundae Ice Cream does! Sweet jelly worms, gummy bears, nuts, toffee, fruits, chocolate drops – a true paradise for every sweet tooth!
• Endless list of extra items will help you create a perfect dessert for any occasion!
• Feeling naughty? Play a joke on your friends with an impressive selection of bugs, worms and other gross stuff.
• Pick a background to create atmosphere!

Done? Keep your sundae in the Freezer, eat it or share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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