Sumoku is played with tiles numbered 1 to 9 – played in a crossword style arrangement. This official Blue Orange Games™ version brings this fun and educational game to your iOS5 device.

Players collect points by arranging tiles in rows and columns which add up to multiples of the key number. All players contribute to a common crossword-style pattern in the middle of the playing area.

At the start of the game the key number is determined. Each line of unbroken tiles (both columns and rows) must be a multiple of the key number. For example if the key number is 5, then the set of unbroken tiles must total 5, 10, 15, 20. Score points for each tile played and the other tiles that form the new line of unbroken tiles.

This game requires iOS5! Play turn-by-turn over the air with your friends or face-to-face on the same device.

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