Sumbarine Battle

*** Great Game!! Great Fun!! ***

∞∞∞ Top Three Players around the world ∞∞∞
1. Wai1 from CA scored 13,32,865.
2. Wai from France CA 13,16,005.
3. James1 from CA scored 12,33,520.
Congratulations! well played.

There is one mode in the game.

1) Day Mode.

• We used to play on handheld when we were 10 year old and it was expensive. Now you will get the same game on iPhone but with improved graphics, powers and enemies to make it even more entertaining.
• Play until you die and compare your results with other players around the world.
• Good sounds to keep you entertained.
• It looks like you are in real war as the game progress it becomes harder with different kind of enemies.
• No hidden charges.
• You can use all powers, missiles unlimited.
• More updates for free
• Think twice before you shoot the plane.
• This is best submarine game on iPhone.

∞  Question 1: How can we save the game?
Ans: Simple just press the home button and it will close the game and save it in the memory and next time when you play it will start from the same score where you closed the game. Its valid only for Day Mode at the moment in Full Version.

∞   Check out the video of Submarine battle. How 6 year old enjoying the game on ipod touch. Here is the link.

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