Sum It Up

A complete mind game for those who like puzzles!

If you are addicted to Sudoku then here’s a challenge for you! Add Columns/Rows/Diagonals to achieve the sum to the bottom and right red region number. Adjust your numbers to reach the goals and Win!

– 3 Levels!
– Timing and Top Scores!
– Saves all data, so don’t worry about answering a call or replying to a text!
– Great thinking game for small waiting periods!

* Coming soon: Name Entry and List of Scores

***Three Levels***
Easy: Helpful region in yellow to show you what your sum of the blue region is. This will get you into the puzzle with less addition needing to be done.

Hard: More difficult in needing to find the diagonal sum of the blue region. Also brings out your math skills as there is no help in adding them for you.
—May switch between “Easy” and “Hard” freely without needing to restart—

Expert: Given numbers will be random among all 5 of them. Take on the challenge and see if your mind can handle it!


Please take this app as a small app to enjoy. Any additions you would like please feel free to leave your comments of adjustments.

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