Sum Challenge

*** Screenshots are from version 1.1.4 ****

Existing users will get a free update when version 1.1.4 is approved. Contains new game modes, online scoring and multiplayer.


This game is infinitely more than the sum of its parts – surprisingly addictive, the deceptively simple format provides the ultimate challenge. Put your wits to the test with Sum Challenge, a brain-game that will test your mental speed, stamina and agility.

Easy to pick up yet difficult to master, you may find yourself reaching for a quick number challenge whenever you have a spare moment – on the daily commute, your lunch hour or even during the commercial break of your favorite TV show -improve your times, win virtual prizes and beat your top score!

* Deceptively simple format for hours of fun.
* Unlimited Sum Challenges.
* Cool Graphics.
* Beat your top score and win top prizes.
* Highly addictive gameplay.

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