Suicide Kings 2

The King is BACK!

Suicide Kings 2 is a collection of three casino themed puzzle games and features the artwork of Hugo Awarding winner Cheyenne Wright. Suicide Kings 2 challenges the player to build and/or identify the best poker hand as fast as they can from a collection of cards.

In the first game, Carolina Slide’Em, the player arranges his current River of cards by sliding them around the table. As cards are moved, the game will automatically score the best hand available from two pair to a royal flush. Additional cards fall from the Flop at the top of the screen to refill the River at an ever increasing rate. Once the River is full, the game is over.

Also available is Five Card Charlie, a puzzle game based on Blackjack. In it the player has to pick out 2 to 5 cards that can beat the dealer’s current hand without going over 21 and busting. Like Slide’Em, the player can rearrange the cards in the River to build a better hand. When selecting that hand, the more cards the player chooses and the closer to 21, the better the score. Scoring adds more time to the play clock and when it runs out, the game is over.

And returning to Suicide Kings 2 is the classic puzzle game based on Texas Hold’Em . Completely redesigned and touch friendly, Hold’Em shines like never before. In this game, the player has to take 3 card Flops that fall from the top of the table and arrange them in the River. Once placed, the player can then pick out the best 5 card poker hand by tapping on 5 continuous cards in an attempt to score. But watch out, if the River fills up, it’s game over.

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