SudokuPDQ™ is the ultimate multi-player game of skill. We’ve taken sudoku, the game enjoyed daily by millions, and made it high-speed, high-stakes, and highly competitive. Race against other players and the clock to win virtual money. Cashing in on this first-of-its-kind casino-style game requires a quick mind and agile fingers. It’s fun, fast, and free.

In SudokuPDQ™ you’ll have to be “Pretty Darn Quick” as you try to correctly solve one square in the familiar 9×9 Sudoku grid. Each game consists of five 20-second rounds with five brand new puzzles, and with Sudoku enthusiasts worldwide to compete against, the game will never be the same twice. SudokuPDQ™ never gets easier. You just get better.

Want to hone your skills before you take on all comers? We’ve got that covered in our Practice mode, where your only competition is the clock.

Game Features:
● Five rounds with five brand new puzzles every game
● Compete with other players worldwide in Multi-Player mode
● Play alone against the clock in Practice mode
● Virtual betting
● Track your stats

Sudoku Meets a High-Stakes Casino Game
Like poker, it’s skill-based and competitive. It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. You’ll find yourself hooked and wanting more. And, it’s FREE to play.

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