SudokuGeek Lite

SudokuGeek was built with the intent to provide a single solution computer generated Sudoku. No puzzles have multiple solutions. This ensure’s that you only have one path and the use of logic to solve the Sudoku. The Easy mode is easy, watch our tutorial for a the blocking strategy that can be applied.

This is our (Willy Nilly, Inc.) Sudoku game, if you think someone might enjoy or benefit from this game, please spread the word.

1. SudokuGeek provides single solution grids. No guess work involved.
2. Built in Check engine ensures to limit mistakes made. But some mistakes can be made, otherwise its not a Sudoku Game.
3. 3D animations for added fun playing Sudoku
4. Computer Notes can be displayed for learning
5. User Notes by selecting the notes button, then just paint the notes away. Notes can be toggled, click once to place, click a 2nd time to remove.
6. Easy mode supports easy blocking strategy, no notes required. No need to count all numbers per one cell, watch our Blocking Tutorial. (Link is in the info screen in game)
7. Medium requires some notes to solve depending on strategy used
8. Hard almost always requires notes.
9. Zooming is supported with pinch gesture, to better see notes.
10. Scrolling around the board in zoom mode is supported.
11. Time is tracked per game.
12. Hints provided at two layers. Identify a single solution cell on first hint, second hint will provide answer without placing it.
13. Placing a number is as simple as painting numbers. Select a number, and hit cells to place them. No bad User Interface experience here.
14. Everyone who has tried SudokuGeek loves the concept of the 3D floating board.
15. Several backgrounds to help you relax and escape.
16. This version has 30 thousand puzzles, 10 thousand of each difficulty.

Play with Wooden Cubes, Colored Cubes, or Planets. Several simple back grounds to help ease the strain on your eyes, and 4 musical tracks for back ground music.

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