Sudoku Uno ★ Stylish Sudoku for iPad

“Sudoku Uno” is a single player Sudoku game for the iPad.

“Sudoku Uno” is based upon a powerful Sudoku engine. This allows it to provide an almost infinite number of Sudoku games categorized in 3 levels of difficulty. Additionally it is able to provide intelligent hints: the engine may explain the reasoning behind the hint.


– Three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard
– Difficulty levels are determined by techniques to master, not by number of givens
– Unlimited number of Sudoku games
– Green & red pencil notes
– Optional automatic pencil notes (*)
– Optional blocking of erroneous entries
– Intelligent hints with explanations
– High scores

(*) “Sudoku Uno” may help you by blocking digits which are obviously no longer available and by setting positive markers for the remaining ones. You should further narrow down the possible digits by setting negative markers.

More info, FAQ & support:

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