Sudoku Social

Experience sudoku like you have never before! Sudoku Social takes the conventional game of sudoku and gives it a new twist. Using Twitter and Facebook, you can compete against other players from all over the world using any mobile connections (Wifi/3G/Edge).

Best of all, if you have no friends, or it’s just late into the night, you can play by yourself and even against a timer. If you’re tired of numbers, there are also letters and images. Skill levels can be set from easy to hard, so Sudoku Social caters to beginners, casual players and experienced iPhone gamers as well. You can even save, load, and replay your favorite games. If you want to cope with difficult sodukus, you can find some other apps written for intellectual wrestlers. Sudoku Social is built for fun.

Don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account? They’re free, and the sign-up is quick and painless. Head over to or to get started. While you’re there, follow us for updates and special features at or

Complete list of features:

– randomly generated symmetrical and non-symmetrical tables (sizes: 9×9, 8×8, grids: 3×3, 4×2 or 2×4, vario: numbers, letters, images)
– multiple skill levels,
– game timer,
– competition with timer,
– pause/resume function,
– retry and unlimited undo,
– hints and hint counter (disabled during online games),
– limited 5 sec cheat opportunity (disabled during online games),
– local sqlite game database,
– save, load, and replay any of your favorite tables,
– create your own statistics from your sqlite database (contact us for technical details),
– animation and sound effects,
– randomly generated friendly greetings,
– sound is mutable,
– readiness to go social with its built in online features (from v2.0),
– be master of the game and distribute your puzzle to your twitter friends,
– online competition with score and rank,
– rank is published on

“I have a computer science degree, tell me more technical information!” Since you so politely stated, we’ll give you a brief overview. Your iPhone/iPod Touch hooks up to Twitter using its API and SOAP authentication. This is it to ensure you are who you say you are. During this step, our SQL Database server is also connected to provide instant game message features between the two devices and to keep track of scores and rank. The connection is noticeably faster over Wifi, but we’ve optimized the program to work fast over 3G and even Edge. Our sudoku generating engine can produce over 6 quintillion (6 * 10^18) unique games. That means you could play for 32 billion years if you play a new game every second. If you achieve that feat, shoot us an email and we’ll give you a special prize*. Sudoku Social is compatible with Sudoku Vario.

Still not impressed? We developed this application while we were blindfolded.

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