Sudoku Sensei

Sudoku Sensei is not only a sudoku game with beautiful graphics and thousands of puzzles, it’s also a sudoku coach. When you get stumped, tap the Sensei. He’ll not only give you the solution to a cell, but he’ll explain the sudoku solving technique he used to find that solution. As a result, the Sensei will help you improve your sudoku skills. And when you complete a puzzle, the Sensei will bow to you as a show of respect for your skill.

* Beautiful graphics and animation
* Play in portrait or landscape
* 4 skill levels
* 4,000 sudoku puzzles – 1,000 for each skill level
* Robust note taking – make your own notes, or have the game do it for you

* Game Center integration
* 4 Leaderboards – one for each skill level
* 16 achievements