Sudoku Sensation

Welcome to our latest build! The game is already fun to play, but we’re working hard to make it even better. Take a look, and let us know what you think. We are posting new builds every couple of weeks or so. And now back to our marketing hype :)

Are you crazy about Sudoku? You’ve bought a ton of Sudoku puzzle books and solved them all, you grab the daily paper so you can get first crack at the Sudoku. You just can’t get enough of them. Face it, you’re hooked.

People who love Sudoku have to have Sudoku Sensation! It’s the only way to quell the obsession with these mind expanding puzzles. The app has 100 – yes, 100 – new, high quality puzzles created by That’s the team who supplies Sudoku puzzles to the New York Times. You know how hard the crossword is, so just imagine how challenging these Sudoku puzzles are. At last, you’ll have a Sudoku worthy of your skill.

Got friends? Sudoku Sensation lets you play games with your Facebook and Game Center friends. Enjoy a friendly cooperative game, or a competitive timed challenge match.

The Sudoku Sensation! app itself is easy to use and very supportive. There is an AI buddy always ready to give you hints if you need them and there’s a tutorial for those who are embarking on Sudoku for the first time. Sudoku Sensation! will even congratulate you after you solve that challenging square.

Sudoku Sensation! is simple enough to play with one finger but sophisticated enough to support the multi-touch interface for expert players. With the app’s smooth graphics, cool effects and win screens, Sudoku has never been so much fun!

Play on iPad or iPhone. Sensation! will even move your games between devices, so you can start a game on your iPad & finish on your iPhone.

If you have a favorite Sudoku source or you just want to increase your choice of puzzles, the app lets you add your own to the Sudoku Sensation! library.

This app was created with you, the user, in mind. It is flexible and feature rich. You can zoom in and out of a puzzle, and even import your own background image. Sudoku Sensation has provided everything you want in a Sudoku app and more.

* High quality custom puzzles.
* iPad and iPhone support.
* Attractive background images are provided, or you can use the camera or photo library to import your own image for a background.
* Supports multi-touch scale and move on iPhone to make it easier to see and modify the numbers in the solution techniques.
* Allows you to enter Sudoku puzzles from the newspaper or a puzzle book, in addition to using the built in puzzle library.
* Includes a sophisticated AI based hint engine that gives you a little or a lot of help. Works with any Sudoku puzzle! If you get stuck on a puzzle in the newspaper, you can enter it into Sudoku Sensation and get a hint!

Are you itching to start solving these puzzles yet? Well, go ahead and get Sudoku Sensation! now and start scratching. There are so many tempting Sudoku challenges waiting for you inside.