Sudoku Real Edition

Sudoku Real Edition is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Sudoku Real Edition Review

When we think about which type of games would be great for the iPad, Sudoku and other pen-and-paper puzzles stand out. Sudoku Real Edition lives up to our expectations, and it’s worth the purchase for any fan of the popular number puzzle.

For this type of game, a realistic presentation is the classiest way to go. The game’s spiral notepad and sticky notes replicate their physical counterparts, which is equivalent to the page-turning animation found in iBooks. When you place a number correctly, green spirals flash through the boxes to confirm it. This feature can also be turned off in the settings.

Never worry about newsprint on your fingers again.

Sudoku Real Edition comes with 400 puzzles, with 100 in each of the four difficulty levels. This is a lot of content, and it should keep Sudoku fans happy for quite some time before they have to start on a new app.

One minor setback is that there is no fullscreen mode. As a result, you’re always playing on a pad of paper about half the size of the iPad’s screen. It isn’t too difficult to tap a cell, but having a larger interface would have been great for anyone with weary eyes.

If you’ve acquired a taste for Sudoku, this is the iPad app to try.