Sudoku Pad

Sudoku Pad is a puzzle game with an amazing supplemental Sudoku solver tool. It provides you with and endless pad of blank Sudoku grid paper to work with. Solve puzzles on your device that came from your mind, a book, or the Internet!

With Sudoku Pad your mobile device becomes a powerful productivity tool to help solve Sudoku puzzles. You enter the initial values yourself, then solve it yourself, or use the Puzzle Butler™ (our Sudoku solving technology) to help complete the puzzle.

A ‘Blank Grid Pad’ mode setting switch controls the action of the NEW button. When set to ON, pressing NEW makes blank grids. When OFF, pressing NEW makes Sudoku puzzle starts based on the Difficulty setting.

This app is designed to improve your playing enjoyment:
+ Play what-if and make your own puzzles;
+ Play the exact same Sudoku puzzle, at the same time that others are working the puzzle elsewhere;
+ “Auto-magically” solve puzzles with the initial values you’ve entered using Puzzle Butler assistant;
+ Explore Sudoku puzzle layout creation;

Attention Sudoku fans: one hot feature is the BUTLER button; When pressed, the Puzzle Butler logic will look for hits in the puzzle grid for you. But occasionally it can’t do it all, which makes it even more fun for you.

Another terrific feature is the X-RAY button. The X-ray mode can be toggled ON/OFF. When enabled you can see all the unused digits (relative to the row/column/group) for any location simply by moving the cursor to that cell.

Sudoku Pad offers traditional and new features that will bring a richer experience to your Sudoku fun:
o Puzzle Butler (built-in Sudoku solver technology);
o X-RAY mode with Unused Value Vision™ (when ON shows all unused digits for an empty cell);
o Easily play Sudoku games from puzzle books now on your mobile device;
o Four difficulty modes (easily change the skill level of puzzle);
o Games completed counters (four counters, one for each difficulty mode);
o Games started count (displayed left of version number);
o Touch-screen user interface (makes playing Sudoku more enjoyable than on a computer or in a book);
o Title Tap™ (sequentially moves cursor between empty cells automatically);
o Audible Single Value Indicator™ (move cursor to empty cell and a ‘pop’ sounds if only one value is possible);
o Blank Grid Pad mode (allows automatic or manual starting layouts);

Enter starting values from another source, or make up your own. Then play it to a finished puzzle. Whatever your skills, there’s a creative Sudoku workout waiting for you.

Sudoku Pad is a supplemental utility designed to be the world’s best Sudoku puzzle tool for you. Get it today!

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