Sudoku Magic Lite ★ The Ultimate Free Sudoku App

Rating: 4+

Sudoku Magic Lite ★ The Ultimate Free Sudoku App is a game from MagicSolver, originally released 11th November, 2009


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New App Lets You Solve Sudoku Puzzles With the iPhone Camera

A new iPhone app called Sudoku Magic lets you take pictures of Sudoku puzzles in a newspaper with your iPhone’s camera, and then saves them in an electronic format on your iPhone. Better yet, it will solve those tricky puzzles for you with a touch of a button. Congratulations, you just became a Sudoku Jedi.

The coolest thing is that you don’t even have be a great shot with your camera, as the app will recognize puzzles from pictures that were taken at an angle or that have shadows on them, which means you’ll be pirating puzzles from your fellow subway patron’s newspapers in no time. And they say over the shoulder reading is bad.

If only they made one of these for homework’¦

In addition to solving the entire puzzle for you, Sudoku Magic also gives you single square hints if you’re struggling with a certain puzzle and saves your best puzzle times. It’ll run you $2.99 on the App Store to become a Sudoku puzzle photographer, but hey, when you can’t find pen, or don’t have a buck to buy the Sunday paper, this little gem could come in very handy.

Check out the video below to see Sudoku Magic in action.