Sudoku Killer

★ Even better than killer sudoku on paper! ★

Killer sudoku is a popular variation on the classic sudoku puzzle. Regular sudoku rules apply. In addition, the numbers within each outlined region must sum to the indicated value, and numbers may not repeat within these regions. The grid begins blank, but these rules give you all the information you need to solve the puzzle!

Solving a killer sudoku puzzle requires a lot of notes, so we worked hard to make the note entry features in this app perfect. A dedicated note keypad and the ability to select multiple squares makes entering notes fast. You can even make combination lists that float above the puzzle and can be rearranged on the screen!

Our interface is so good, you may prefer it to doing puzzles on paper.

★ Dual keypads — no tedious toggling between note and answer mode
★ Autosave — switch puzzles at any time without losing your work
★ Multi-square note entry — a huge timesaver
★ Combination lists — can be rearranged on the screen for easy comparison
★ Puzzle gallery — scroll through puzzles and see your progress instantly
★ Quick sum button — add all selected sum labels instantly
★ Quick combination list button — list combinations fast by dragging over the desired region
★ Built-in mini calculator — do even long sums easily
★ Undo & redo buttons — step back through your changes to fix a mistake
★ Mistake highlighting option — don’t let mistyped entries from set you back
★ Two color schemes — a neutral newspaper color scheme and a rainbow color scheme
★ Comes with 10 free puzzles for testing, 800 puzzles available with paid upgrade

We made this app free so that you can test it without having to buy anything. It comes with ten free killer sudoku puzzles–two puzzles in each of the five levels. There are 800 puzzles in five levels available for download, but the ten free puzzles might just keep you busy for a long time :)

All our killer sudoku puzzles have a unique solution.

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