Sudoku Free: The brainteaser!

Play Sudoku for hours thanks to an unlimited number of grids! 3 difficulty levels, a simple an intuitive design ! Face the Sudoku challenge in the metro, at the office, in a waiting room, in the toilet…!

3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard! You’ll finish an Easy grid in 10 min, whereas you could spend all night on an Hard grid. Sudoku for all levels!


• Put down all candidates for a cell (example: the cell can contain 1,4,6,9)
• Click a number to show all of the numbers of the grid (example: clicking on “1” shows all the other “1s”)
• You can view clearly which line and which column you clicked on!
• Access a user’s manual
•Access to help that will:
o Check the grid to see if you made a mistake
o Add a number if you get stuck
Be careful as using the help feature adds a time penalty to the clock.

See all the possible candidates for the empty cells in 2 seconds?
That’s easy: use credit to calculate it automatically. You can purchase additional credit directly within the application: you receive 2 free credits upon first installation.

There’s nothing unnecessary in this application, just the essential.

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