Subway Exits HD

The purpose of this game is to solve the puzzle from each level so you can advance to the next.
The first app from the Subway Exits series is Subway Exits – US, divided into five major American cities with 20 subway stops each. In every subway station you have to discover the triggers hidden in plain sight in order to move on to the next subway station. At the end of your journey from one city, you will automatically be transferred to the next city.

– free app
– everything happens in one screen
– easy to use and very intuitive
– extremely addictive

To ease and smooth things up, we have also added a few small bonuses to make your journey more pleasant.
-If you can’t solve a level you can choose to skip it altogether and move on to the next without being stuck.
-You don’t have to finish the game to have access to any level, even though they are initially locked.
-You can reset the game and start from the beginning if you want to relive the adventure.
-Bonus levels for when you have finished playing the current levels.

Very important
You can always become part of the Subway Exits’ team. We are open to new ideas, suggestions and even new levels. The level containing your idea will be marked accordingly and bear the name of your choosing.

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