Gripping submarine warfare action with challenging underwater foes. Compete with up to 4 other players in online multiplayer action, or take on the battle yourself in single-player.

Use cunning and stealth to gain the upper hand! Find and collect upgrade parts that allow each player to define their own play style with unique advantages.

Multiple gaming modes make for endless adventure! Immerse yourself in “Conquest” where it’s everyone for themselves, or take down the enemy with a friend in “Team Skirmish”! If that’s not enough, try searching for the ultimate treasure and make it back alive in “Davy Jones”.

Submerged offers a unique retro gaming experience! Using only primitive instruments, you must navigate treacherous waters, locate and identify objects, and avoid innocent marine-life. It’s “hide-and-seek” unlike you’ve ever played before!

Look forward to additional game packs, smarter foes, and other additions in future versions!


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