Submarine Z

Are you ready to dive? Choose your submarine with the most powerful engines for water submarines and dive into the depths of the ocean on a one way trip to adventure!
From the creators of Maya Dash – The best game of the year – they have again overcome this time with the Submarine R.

***** The fun is assured. ***** – Rodinia Games

The most anticipated ship has arrived. Perform secret missions and reach the end of the game. Let´s if you are able. Be careful because every time it will be more and more complicated.

At the start you have to touch the screen to ascend, and release to descend. By tilting your device, you can move forward or back.
Collect all the starfish to add up, and move as much as you can. Beware of Bombs, double Bombs with their chains. There are toxic barrels that are launched from ships, volcano murderers with its lava could melt any metal. In your favor, you have the red bombs, capable of destroying everything within reach. That should give you some quiet time to continue your quest.

Go to the store and choose one of the submarines you like and discover new emotions aboard the best ships in the world. Each specializes in extraordinary and different movements. Try them, and enjoy the feeling of this exciting game.

As you progress, the game will become easier. Test your reflexes and show the world where you are able to get. Now with the addition of Game Center, you can see your daily progress and achievements of other players.

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