SubDiver HD

SubDiver HD now on sale for the Holidays! Enjoy this sale until the new year! (Dec-16, 2011 – Jan-1, 2012)

SubDiver HD is an arcade/adventure game where players collect treasures and fish for the highest score. You may play for your own high score or compete on GameCenter against players from around the world. Simply touch the screen to make your submarine dive or let go and your sub will float to the top. Collect power ups to increase your high score or add more time to the clock.

iOS 5.0 or later is required

– Collect Fish and Treasures
– Avoid Sharks, Boulders, and Stingrays
– 4 Different Power-Ups
– Timer That Can Be Recharged with a Power-Up or Combos
– Game Center and Trophies

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