S.U.B. – Remote Control

S.U.B Remote Control allows you to control your submarine from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

What is S.U.B.?

S.U.B. – Steampunk Underwater Battles is the ultimate party game on the iPad. Experience the ocean’s depths in this action packed multiplayer game. Hop on your favorite S.U.B. and master its arsenal to become the king of seas; Each S.U.B. has unique weapons and abilities at your disposal, learn them well, Captain!


➤ Battle for ocean domination with up to 4 players or bots in free for all or team matches!

➤ Prove your S.U.B. combat skills in the Single Player Challenges and post your highscores on Game Center

➤ Use this app to navigate your submarine wirelessly (Download it for FREE)

➤ Master the different weapons and strategies of each submarine

➤ Earn bragging rights by showing your Game Center achievement collection

➤ Unleash the Kraken! No one can escape the underwater arenas guarded by the mighty Kraken

➤ Incredible Steampunk 3D interactive menu

New Subs, Challenges, Arenas and more Coming Soon!

Check out the game in action, watch it at our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/SandstormInteractive

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