Stupidness 3 PRO

Rating: 4+

Stupidness 3 PRO is a game from Orangenose Studios, originally released 30th September, 2011


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Stupidness 3 Pro Review

If ever there was an aptly-titled game, it’s Stupidness 3 Pro. There’s very little cleverness in this game, and there’s almost nothing fun about playing it. You’ll almost certainly find that it’s a frustrating waste of time. If you foist the game on others, they’ll find the same thing. But maybe that’s the point.

Stupidness 3 Pro is broken up into several timed quizzes. Each question gives you a seemingly simple task, like ‘push the button three times’ or ‘touch the longest arrow.’ When you complete a task, the game then tells you you’re wrong by buzzing and docking you several seconds from your timer.

Do it, ya dummy.

The reason you’re usually wrong is that these are trick questions. For instance, one question shows you a barbell and asks you to lift the weight. Each time you tap on the image of the barbell, you hear the annoying buzzer, and time is removed from your timer. The actual solution to the problem is to swipe up on the word ‘weight’ in the question. Ta-da. It’s not smart, but it’s definitely aggravating.

As you play, you rack up IQ points that you can spend to reveal solutions to tough trick questions. Bafflingly, even when we had zero IQ points it would still gave us the answer. Also annoying is that each time you fail and re-try a quiz, you have to re-answer all of the questions before getting back to the one that gave you problems. This is pointless and only adds to your frustration. Possibly the biggest problem is that often even when you do the correct action, the game fails to recognize it. Sometimes it won’t accept your taps or swipes or multi-touch inputs, and instead docks you points. The real thing this game tests is your anger management.

If Stupidness 3 Pro is good for anything, it’s as a prank to play on your friends by handing them the game and watching them be outwitted by the trick questions and frustrated with the crummy controls. The game offers what could be a fun, off-kilter take on the trivia genre, but it’s riddled with enough problems and frustrations that there’s very little enjoyment anywhere to be found.