Stupid Monkeys

Top #4 Free App in India – Thank you India!

New level skins and even more ridiculous content! Keep those great ratings and reviews coming and we will make sure these idiotic updates will do as well.

Who said monkeys are smart? Help them collect food with your superior brain capacity as they are too stupid to figure out anything on their own!
Swipe your finger across the screen to cut the vines so the monkeys can grab the food! But be careful of bombs.

Have a blast cutting vines and watching the monkeys fly across your screen in this brand new, simple, highly addictive game of physics and awesomeness.

Please note that if you do download this game addictiveness is guaranteed – you have been warned!

This game will run bananasmooth on any IOS device!

In future updates you can expect more levels, content packs and improvements!

Game Tips:
1. Make sure you hit the fruit to avoid loosing a heart!
2. Don’t hit the bomb!
3. Be quick to avoid getting several monkeys on the display at once!
4. If a fruit spawns next to a bomb, wait a little while for an alternative fruits to spawn!
5. Alternatively aim for the fruit near the bomb to get proximity bonus. Grab several fruit at once for combo bonuses.
6. Buy and fully upgrade Black Hole, then Devil Monkey before you buy anything else in the secret shop, to quickly gain more score and coins.

Enjoy this free ridiculous addictive game!

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