Stupid Maze Lite

Sure, you can solve a maze when you see the whole maze at once, but can you navigate a maze only seeing one room at a time? Stupid Maze Lite features a randomly generated, 16-room maze. The paid version however, Stupid Maze “Game,” features gargantuan mazes of 625 rooms. Yeah, good luck with that.

Many of the rooms have Useless Comments written on the floor. Some are pointless facts, some are irrelevant quotes, and some are inane statements about my own uninteresting life. Resourceful players will use these as landmarks as they navigate the maze.

When you reach the End (pretty easy to do in the Lite version), you can see how much time you’ve wasted in this Stupid Maze, and tap a button to generate a new random maze and start all over.

Start playing your iPod music before launching Stupid Maze Lite, and your music will continue to play in the background. If you need to exit the game to change tracks and whatnot, that’s ok. You’ll still be stuck in the same stupid room when you start it again.

After you’ve mastered this Lite version, I dare you to try solving the 625-room version, “Stupid Maze Game.” Most people will simply never find the End. Kind of embarrassing really.

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