Stunt Guy

“I look forward to seeing Guy Stunt take on another role in the future because, if The Getaway is anything to judge by, it’s a series to keep an eye on.” –

— Stunt Guy – The Getaway —

An endless driving avoid-and-smash-‘em up.

You are Stunt Guy! Clinging to the roof of a V8 muscle car driven by Stunt Gal, can you put on a show for the cameras? Give the director what he wants!

• Swerve through freeway traffic – with you on the roof
• Keep your car in one piece as long as possible – avoid end-on collisions
• Collect skullz tokens for carnage mode – destroy traffic with your invincible car!

All this action takes a toll though, see if you can suffer all 66 injuries…

Featuring Game Center leaderboards & achievements.

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