Strongholds: New Age

Strongholds: New Age
Card based strategy game with wifi or 3G multiplayer!

Reviews of early (iPhone) version:

“It Will Grab You By The Neck! It’s one of the better “quick campaign” strategy games I’ve played” –

“Definitely worth its price as a unique game combining turn based strategy concepts with a card based playing system.” –

“this is a high quality pick up and play title.” –

“Strongholds also has a really nice graphical look” –

“It’s pretty, it’s playable and it’s pacey for a card battler” –

“Strongholds is a good looking, easy to use, simple to understand, turn by turn strategy game with amazing potential” –

The action takes place in the near future when a confrontation between two armory corporations turns into armed conflict. Your purpose is to construct the stronghold and destroy the enemy.
However the enemy’s purpose is the same.

Key Features:
– more than 100 tactical and battle cards
– multiplayer with your progress status!
– 3D graphics with an abundance of animation
– multilevel damage model
– gameplay is designed for short battles that won’t take much of your time
– each move ends with autosave
– listen to your own music while plaiyng the game
– variety of game results — each battle develops unpredictably
– OpenFeint support
– Game Center support

Recommended for fans of: Orions, MtG, Arcomage and all CCG games.

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