Stronghold Games Timer

The Stronghold Games Timer app provides countdown timers that can be used specifically for Stronghold Games board games that now or in the future utilize timers. Functionality is also included for a generic countdown timer that can be used for any board game that requires a timer.

The following games from Stronghold Games use sand timers, and these are or will be directly supported by the Stronghold Games Timer app:

- Space Cadets
- Article 27: The UN Security Council Game
- Space Sheep! (not yet released)

For Space Cadets the app completely replaces the Captain Display, stepping the players through the turn and allowing for tracking of Nemesis.

For Article 27, the timer performs a countdown from 5 minutes for each round just as the sand timer is used in the game.

The Stronghold Games Timer app also has a “Simple Timer” function. The user can configure this timer to any number of minutes and seconds, so that it can be used for any appropriate game.

Additional Stronghold Games products will be added to theStronghold Games Timer app as they come to market.

Other enhancements, such as the delivery of Stronghold Games news and information and exclusive discount codes for users of the app, are being considered for the future.

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