Stripe Jeweled

****** Reviews ****** 4.5/5
Stripe Jeweled’s none-existing price tag, respectable number of levels and a Survival mode, along with an interesting presentation of how [popular jeweled game] would have been with 2D-physics convinced us to award the game with no less than a 4.5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Resa Te
Absolutly adorable! I love the way the blocks fall down, it’s innovative and totally realistic! I really like the music, too. It’s relaxing and doesn’t get annoying either.
I would definitely recommend this game!


Amazingly addictive gameplay with an advanced Physics Engine. The gems keep on falling, you must remove groups of gems with the same color/shape to keep them from filling your screen. There are many bonus gems that have different effects for you to discover.

1) Classic Mode: You have 25 levels to complete this mode. Every level brings you a new type of challenge.
2) Survival Mode: How long can you survive? Figure out strategies to stay alive for as long as possible.
3) Lots of challenging Achievements give you a reason to keep playing.
4) Amazing Physics Engine allows for strategic gameplay.
5) Retina display graphics.
6) Incredibly addictive gameplay.

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