Strip the Difference Free

Free New Sexy Game: “Scrubbing For Love”

More Info:

How much distraction can you take while you spot the differences?

Find the difference, strip the girl.

– High resolution retina display
– Girls move around and try to block you from finding the differences
– Touch the girl to zoom in, but don’t get them mad!
– Find differences and be rewarded an article of clothing ;-)

version 1.7
Free iPad support!
Removed ads from gameplay area.
Vote for your favorite girl to be Miss STD!

version 1.5
Now with 20 girls!

The first 4 girls are free. Not sure why this one reviewer said it’s not. If it works for you please let us know. If not, definitely let us know so we can fix it. Thanks.

Have a suggestion or issues with Strip the Difference? Is there something more we can do? Please respond to the post in the link below and we will address them. We are just a couple of fellows trying to create something others will enjoy. Thanks!

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