String Theory: a Word Game

** Named to “Today’s Best Apps” by Casey Tschida at! **

Love word games? Tired of waiting on your friends? String Theory: a Word Game challenges players to spell as many words as they can before time runs out.

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In this unique puzzler, you build the board from letters in your deck. Each time the string sweeps across the board, all the words you have spelled are cleared away and scored. Score enough points before you run out of strings, and you continue to the next level.

* Unique mix of Word Play and Action *

In Classic Mode you build your board while trying to get enough points to move onto the next level. Once you place a letter, you can’t move it – so plan ahead and think fast!

* Four Unique Game Play Modes! *

In Stacked Mode you get to build your board vertically as well as horizontally. You can stack letters on top of each other while you play!

* Fast Paced and Exciting *

Timed Mode brings the speed up a notch. All the essence of String Theory: a Word Game distilled down to a single 90 second match!

* Enhanced dictionary includes over 170,000 words *

Clear the Board Mode is the ultimate in String Theory: a Word Game strategy! Now you have to clear the board of all chips, but you can only do so by adding more chips and letting the string clear away the words you spell. Think fast because you lose points for every pass of the string!

* 18 Different Specials – earn Extra Points! *

Specials and Power Ups Galore! You can earn extra points, extra strings, clear away extra letters, or even change the size of the game board in mid play! Watch out though – some of those specials can hurt!

* Share with Facebook, Twitter, and E-Mail *

We have lots of social options available to you, including bragging about your score on Twitter, and posting your complete word list for a game to Facebook and E-Mail.

* Game Center Integration with 36 Achievements *

Don’t forget to challenge your friends with your Achievements and who can post the best score in each of the modes?!?!
— Who can earn the Einstein achievement for spelling a 9 letter word during a game? I haven’t!
— Who will be the first to earn the King Word Nerd achievement for lifetime words spelled? I’m still working on Newbie!

* What Is String Theory??? *

Check out our website for more information! We’ve posted a special section in our blog with tips and tricks at

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