Stress Popper

Stress Popper has turned 2.1!
Stress Popper aims to be the most realistic and fun anti-stress tool available. The incredible success of Stress Popper v1.1 and the suggestions of the users let us to create a brand new application which ties together anti-stress and fun.

Available also on the new iPad3!

Here are the features in v2.0:

– high quality graphics
– cool sound effects
– professional studio recorded “pops”
– comfort plastic swipe sound effect
– three different relaxing games (relax, mines, paint)
– babies and classic difficulty level
– maniacs mode
– multitouch taps
– ninja touch mode (default)
– 7 different balls colors
– random colors mode
– 24 different leaderboards
– 4 aggregated leaderboards (total pops, and per game pops)
– number of pops to go
– antistress unexploded ball tip
– restart game
– end of game antistress quotations
– help
…and only in the Pro version:
– screen snapshots
– ball fix mode
– more space for balls
– banner free

Stress Popper is an open project. You can contribute sending us suggestions or new features requests.

Have fun!

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