Stress Popper Free

Stress Popper is a top-quality bubble-wrap simulator to pop the bubbles, relax and forget all your worries.
Ships with the classic simulator, two cool bubble games and tons of options to customize your popping experience.


- high quality graphics
- cool sound effects
- professional studio recorded “pops”
- comfort plastic swipe sound effect
- three different relaxing games (relax, mines, paint)
- babies and classic difficulty level
- maniacs mode
- multitouch taps
- ninja touch mode (default)
- 7 different balls colors
- random colors mode
- 24 different leaderboards
- 4 aggregated leaderboards (total pops, and per game pops)
- number of pops to go
- antistress unexploded ball tip
- restart game
- end of game antistress quotations
- help

The application is optimized for all iphones and Ipads and for all the screen resolutions. 

Please support our work buying the pro-version which gives you more features like:

- screen snapshots
- ball fix mode
- more space for balls
- banner free

Have fun!