Street Skater

Skate fast and hard, or die! Crush your enemies by tossing random fruit, veggies, tools, and more. Jump over road-blocks and cones. Collect coins for cool style upgrades and super-powers. Grab the mystery box for ninja, flame-thrower and taser power-ups!

Street Skater is a fast-paced, skate-or-die game where you challenge yourself to skate as far as you can before getting smacked down by your enemies. Avoid the obstacles that are dropped in your path by your mortal enemies. Share your high scores and challenge your friends.

- Collect coins and buy new styles and super-powers
- Upgrade your weapons to the Knife Stash and Medieval Stockpile
- Share your high scores and challenge your friends
- Endless game play allows you to skate as long as you want
- Mystery box gives you ninja, flamethrower and taser powers!

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