Street Racer

Street Racer is a port of a classic Road Racing game that us of us have used as kids.

In Street Racer you you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of mad drivers.

Objective : To reach the end of the checkpoint before you run out of fuel.

Sounds easy?
Far from it, there’s a lot of obstacles between your car and the checkpoints!

The game is divided in 3 circuits each with a different difficulty levels:
Use your accelerometers for swerving right or left, acceleration increases on momentum being developed.
There is no braking available :)

During the race, you should try not to hit the borders of the road. Beware of the other cars, because they sometimes will try to push you to the border and make you crash. Another important issue is the fuel. You should try to collect all the fuel recharges cars that you can during the game.

They are represented by the white odd looking cars

We are tracking a global database of high scores so please submit your scores.

Happy Street Racing everyone ?

Game objects

Player car
In the game you drive the f1 car depending on your color of choice.

During the race fuel cars will appear on the road in the form of white odd shaped cars hearts. Dash them for more fuel and bonus points.

During the race you will encounter other cars on the road. There’s different types of cars. The drivers in the green cars are unlucky enough to be on the same road where your crazy race is taking place. The blue cars are your opponents; usually you are faster than them but don’t get overconfident: sometimes they can surprise you! Last of all are the drivers in the purple cars. They are very suicidal and will try to crash into you when you overtake them.

You’d better avoid these big slow driving monsters!

Be careful of the water, oil and rock that sometimes appear on the road. Water will slow down your car whereas oil will make your car spin. And crashing into a rock at full speed is of course a very bad idea!

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