Street Cricket Free


The rough play, the dust, the nostalgia of cricket in your own
gully; that is what Street Cricket is all about! In this version the
rules are modified to suit the ground situation while the usual
excitement of the game remains intact.


Free trail of 5 over, if you want more over and more choice venues get the paid version.


By winning the toss you have the option to bat or bowl first.

Your Team:

There are five players to a team. Batsmen are predefined but you
can select your bowlers from the players available. After finishing
one game you can start another.

How to Score:

– You can score a single run by running between the wickets,
or if the ball rolls to the periphery
– To score 2 runs, hit a high ranging shot
– To score 4 or 6, play straight while using the power button/key

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