Straw Hat Legacy

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Christmas is near, and Evileggplant Studios would like to share the joy and good tidings of this wonderful celebration with all you busy gamers. Download Straw Hat Legacy for free over the holidays and ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Unveil the secret of the legendary ninja clan and fulfill your destiny!

Yuki, the beloved daughter of the honorable and noble Lord Kubo of the Kishimoto Empire, was only a child when after longstanding ferocious war the evil Lord Nobunaga invaded the Empire of Kishimoto and dethroned Lord Kubo. Drawing on his last breath, the honorable Lord Kubo who had been renowned throughout the lands for his majestic Straw Hats, entrusted his most loyal Samurai, named Takashi, with the care and protection of his beloved daughter the empress Yuki.

Using his local knowledge, cunning and wit Samurai Takashi planned and executed the escape of Yuki through the perilous underground labyrinths and tunnels of Kishimoto castle escaping to the peaceful tranquility and seclusion of the Nobee forests where they lived in peace for many years undetected. When Yuki turned sixteen years old, Sensei Takashi is found training Yuki in the art of swift and precise movement, and dodging skills, which he learnt as a Samurai.

Take control of Yuki as she trains herself in the art of speed and rapid movement. Become the swiftest runner and prepare Yuki for the adventures ahead.

Create your own style of play using both Jumps & Dodges to find the best way through the evolving HD environments.

Choose your own path through this runner with up to three-lanes to maneuver and reach maximum speed and achieve the highest score yet!!

Lead Yuki in the adventure of the Straw Hats and await upcoming episodical updates, which will unravel the infamous legend of the Straw Hat.

– Innovative integration of tap & swipe gameplay
– Progressive speed building platformer
– Stunning HD Graphics & Environments
– Online Leaderboards
– 11 Achievements to Unlock

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