this time we are introducing a resident of room number 102.
The ‘milk elf’ is living in the room and he is very hard worker.
Even he is working to his ass to delivery whole town’s milk all day long, he is always shorthanded.

So here we are asking for your help. What you all need to do is piece of cake.
First thing is to squeeze a ‘cheerful cow’ to milk the cow.
Second thing is to flick stuffs other than milk bottle which will be coming from production line.

What you need to do in this game is milking a cow and bottling milk.
One thing must be aware: Don’t get run out of milk!! It is your life line!!

Let’s help ‘milk elf’ out !!

Demo Movie


â– Recommend environment
iPhone 4,4S
iPod touch(4rd generation and later)
iPad 1,2

iOS 4.2 or later

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